"workplace conflict is opportunity waiting to be revealed."

As Wheatley suggests, it's the relationships that matter most. Relationships with peers, superiors and subordinates alike are crucial elements to success and productivity in the workplace. 50% of voluntary workplace departures is attributed to chronic unresolved interpersonal conflict: relationships.

Relationships are complicated which helps to explain why today's talented leadership teams deny and tolerate the adverse impact of conflict in the workplace rather than exploit it. 

Yet every conflict, bar none, is an opportunity to learn more about the reality (true profitability) of organizational systems, what motivates and demotivates talented employees, and perhaps most importantly, to improve interpersonal communication skills at all levels of the organization.

Workplace conflict is fraught with opportunity for exploring communication breakdowns that impede progress either between individuals or at the systems/organizational level. At RTG we help unleash the power of exploring organizational conflict.

Workplace Conflict Services Include:

  • Group Facilitation: Working with multiple stakeholders to identify, clarify and explore concerns and options by enabling all parties to participate, keeping discussions on track, creating action plans and addressing the potential opportunity inherent in their conflict.

  • Mediation: Suitable for a wide range of issues

    • Boss/Employee
    • Peer disputes
    • Leadership conflict
    • Conflicts about change
    • Allegations of bullying, harassment, oppression, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviors
    • Conflicts arising within, or between, various stakeholder groups (customers, suppliers and B2B)
  • Training for Teams or Leadership 1:1

    • Understanding the intangible costs of workplace conflict
    • Responding to and managing hostile or high conflict communications
    • Listening skills development role plays for active and empathic listening
    • Non violent communication role plays
    • Receiving feedback well

Because each organization, and the nature of each conflict, is unique it's important for our experts to talk with you about your needs. We will listen to your concerns, work to provide an initial assessment and quote for services that will be most helpful for you.

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