When landlords and tenants differ they ...

Often do nothing while stress builds, or take defensive or offensive actions. For example, tenants may withhold rent; landlords may withhold services or security deposits. Common actions usually based on misunderstandings about rental terms, with or without a lease. Tensions escalate, get personal and heated quickly.

There is a better way - Mediation

Mediation takes place between two or more disputing parties working to solve a specific problem. A neutral 3rd party mediator assists in negotiating a resolution. Mediation helps to avoid or mitigate the costs and challenges of doing nothing or 'going legal'. 

Landlord/tenant disputes are ideally suited to mediation. Often the most desired, least costly, terms of resolution for both parties is to end the landlord/tenant relationship. Mediation can facilitate that negotiation often avoiding the court process altogether.

In mediation, the mediator:

  • Works to assure productive dialogue and negotiation
  • Welcomes your attorneys in mediation
  • Drafts the agreement
  • May provide basic information about the court process for evictions, or small claims actions around early termination of lease, possible implications of a judgment and public record - for either party

In mediation, the landlord and tenant:

  • Talk
  • Listen
  • Decide

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