Mediation and Facilitation are the core services offered by The RoundTable Group - whether or not formal legal process or court action is involved. 

Mediation and facilitation are voluntary, confidential processes.   RTG's mediators are experts skilled at helping participants reach mutually agreeable, self-determined outcomes.

Mediation takes place between two or more disputing parties working to solve a specific problem. A neutral 3rd party mediator assists in negotiating a resolution. Mediation helps to avoid or mitigate the costs and challenges of doing nothing or 'going legal'.  When the legal process is unavoidable, such as with a divorce, mediation provides parties the flexibility of making their own decisions, in their own time.

Facilitation involves group discussions managed by a 3rd party neutral. Workplaces or community groups often utilize facilitation to define or explore issues, focus ideas, manage group dynamics, or find opportunities buried inside conflict. Getting the issues on the table through the inclusive process of facilitation generally precedes problem-solving for groups.

Types of Mediation

  • Divorce or Separation Agreements
  • Co-Parenting Decisions and Communication: When parents are together or apart
  • Elder Care Decisions
  • Money Disputes
  • Workplace Conflicts: Leadership, Boss/Employee, Peer

Types of Facilitation

  • Elder Care Decisions: Facilitating important though difficult conversations with extended family and/or care providers
  • Important Family and Step Family Conversations: Parent/teen; teen/teen; or larger family meetings
  • Workplace Meetings
  • Workgroup Conflict: Finding the Opportunities
  • Leadership Retreats

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