The RoundTable Group helps people and organizations resolve their most pressing conflicts with respect for everyone involved, in their own time, on terms that work for them, and by staying out of court.  

"Conflict is personal. When the relationship matters, at home or at work, mediation works it out - litigation fights it out... the choice is yours." ELM

We help you get results:  Faster resolution or settlement, reduced stress, significantly reduced cost when compared to litigation or doing nothing. 

How we help: Mediation, facilitation and education. Our expertise lies in mediated outcomes.  During mediation participants talk, listen, decide the outcome, control the pace.  Mediators facilitate the process through expertise in communications, negotiation,  mediation and small group training.

Why The RoundTable Group?   Your choices matter, we care about that, and we have a lot of experience. 

RTG Professionals bring an unwavering personal drive to helping people and organizations avoid the pitfalls of poorly managed conflict, difficult conversations, or unsettled disputes. We are experienced professionals sharing accomplishments from a range of backgrounds: lawyers, mental health professionals, academics, business owners, financial advisors, non-profit leaders. 

The RoundTable Group, Inc. truly represents out-of-court settlement and conflict resolution at it's best because we help you help yourself.


We can help!

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