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BIFF! ... Brief - Informative - Friendly - Firm

Responding to high conflict communications: personal attacks, hostile email and social media meltdowns.

Based on the book and training by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

A BIFF response style is easy to remember, hard to do. It takes practice!  BIFF responses apply to any communication, anywhere earning you respect and contributing to your success while responding quickly and civilly even to people who treat you rudely.

Learn about and practice basic BIFF responses during this brown bag lunch session.

Seating limited.

Brownbag Lunch Format:

  • 11:30 Mingling, lunch, introductions

  • 12:00 Interactive presentation

  • 1:00 Wrap up and networking

Bring your lunch!  RTG provides utensils, plates, cups, mugs, napkins, filtered water, coffee, tea, hot water.

Fee: $55 non-refundable