Separation and Divorce done right is about the future.

Even under the most agreeable circumstances, the logistics of separating are challenging. Emotions run high, go deep. When children are involved, the way parents manage their divorce impacts ongoing relationships with each child, grandchildren, extended family and community.

Because relationships matter, the method couples use to navigate divorce matters.  While our complicated legal system isn't designed to put the practical and emotional interests of individuals and families first, mediation is. Through mediation, separating couples make informed decisions about living arrangements, co-parenting plans, what closure to the current relationship will look like, and how assets and liabilities will be divided.

Choosing mediation as a method to navigate separation or divorce allows you and the other party to retain control of the outcome. In mediation you talk, you listen, and you decide what your futures will look like.

Mediation is forward-focused, customer driven.

Participants in mediation are typically able to:

  • Keep out-of-pocket costs down and predictable
  • Move at their own pace
  • Test and revise co-parenting plans before submitting to a court
  • Reach self-determined, informed decisions

The cost, stress and time savings of mediation are significant when compared to a formal legal process. For example, throughout the formal legal process attorneys speak for you and determine the schedule. With mediation you speak for yourself, often with the advice of an attorney who may or may not be part of the mediation. Participants in mediation control the schedule and determine the outcome. Advice and guidance from an attorney is recommended though not required.

At RTG, the cost of mediation is predictable depending on the number of sessions that you determine as you move along. Mediation can begin or end at any time.

No retainers, and no surprises. 

RTG provides separation and divorce mediation services on an hourly basis for the mediator's time only.   There is an additional flat fee, based on the complexity of the case, for writing a comprehensive agreement that can be filed with the court. Depending on the complexity of your scenario, mediation can take as few as 2 or 3, 2 hour sessions for agreement to be reached.  While you will still have to wait for a court hearing to formalize a mediated agreement, you can negotiate the terms of agreement and begin living by it in advance of the court date - or wait. Decisions and process are driven by your needs.

About the Divorce Mediation Process.

In mediation, the mediator:

  • Works to assure productive dialogue and negotiation
  • Provides basic information about court required forms, process and essential elements of an agreement
  • Drafts the agreement
  • May recommend financial advisors, therapists or other professionals, software or reading material
  • Welcomes your attorney in mediation OR
  • May recommend mediation friendly attorneys who will advise you and respect the work you are doing in mediation.

Fast Facts.

In Massachusetts, the typical divorce costs between $5,000 and $25,000 and can take 2 years or more to finalize.  A RoundTable Group mediated agreement can be reached in a schedule that makes sense for you at a cost of less than $3,000 depending on the complexity of your unique circumstance.

Your legacy, and that of your child(ren) matters.

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