Co-parenting when together, while separating, or when apart, can be difficult.

Mediation helps parents and care givers with difficult conversations and complex decisions. 

While positive co-parenting may be every parent's ideal, the realities of parents staying on the same page when it comes to difficult parenting decisions, or when navigating a divorce, are often less than ideal. In an ideal scenario, parents are supportive of each other and agree on important decisions with each parent sending the same message to the children. When co-parenting apart, those conversations carry an added layer of adult stress that children may sense and respond to.

Therapists, professional advisors, and counselors can all be helpful support and reliable resources, but sometimes you just want to work things through together without feeling evaluated, or obligated to try someone else's approach.

And if the legal system is involved, added emotional and financial stress is assured, time delays further complicate matters, your options are limited.

Whether you are co-parenting together or apart, meeting with a professional mediator to facilitate the conversation helps you stay on the same page and ideally helps you stay out of court. Through facilitated dialogue, a RoundTable Group Mediator helps you:

  • Create or modify co-parenting schedules: vacations, holidays, parenting time
  • Negotiate shared cost of activities or special needs
  • Sort through information from multiple sources
  • Discuss your options
  • Make decisions in a confidential setting

Co-parenting together or apart can have it's challenges. Done well, your children benefit from healthy parental relationships that equip them to become healthy adults.

Only you can role model the attitude you want your kids to remember - The RoundTable Group can help.

Co-parenting mediation is scheduled in two hour segments at our Cohasset location. You decide the frequency. 

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